This is one of our favorite appetizers. The high heat of the grill helps to tame the heat of the peppers. You can substitute Anaheim peppers-which are longer and milder than Jalapenos.


  • approx 2 lbs of jalapenos or anaheim peppers
  • 1 package of pineapple flavored cream cheese
  • 1-can of crab meat



    1. Cut off tops of the peppers, and cut a slit down one side, remove the seeds and pith inside the pepper. CAUTION! Use gloves in the process of preparing the peppers!
    2. Soften the cream cheese. Open the can of crab meat and break into small chunks or pieces. Next, mix this in thoroughly with the cream cheese.
    3. Add one teaspoon of the cream cheese/crab mixture to each pepper. Do not overfill the peppers–because the cream cheese will melt and run out of the peppers!
    4. OPTION: cut a piece of bacon into thirds and wrap a strip around each pepper, securing with one or two toothpicks.


  1. Grill over high heat until the outside of the peppers just begin to darken. (For an extra burst of flavor, we recommend grilling over Bear Mountain Cascade Alder, Classic Oak, Southern Pecan, or Smokehouse Maple Pellets.) Remove, allow to cool slightly and serve.


This recipe generously provided by¬†New Radio KXL’s Mr. BBQ, Bruce Bjorkman.