Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What Are Hardwood BBQ Pellets?

    Hardwood pellets offer an easy, clean, and, above all, great tasting way to grill your next meal! From occasional backyard barbeque parties to professional competitions, wood pellets are being used by grill masters across the country as a simple and effective way to add that one of a kind great smoky flavor to every meal. Cook with our pellets once and you will see why there is simply no substitute for the mouthwatering taste that real hardwood adds to your BBQ!

    Hardwood BBQ Pellets Are:

    • Clean and easy: add great smoke taste without the hassle of cutting down a tree, chopping wood, and building a fire
    • Packed with flavor: each and every pellet is 100% all natural flavored hardwood.
    • Good for you and the environment: hardwood pellets are pure wood with no additives or binders. That means no toxins in the air or in your food!
  • Can I use BBQ pellets if I don't have a special pellet grill?

    While pellet grills are designed specifically to run on BBQ pellets, and are, therefore, the best choice for grilling with pellets, you can still enjoy the great taste that wood pellets add to your meal if you are using a gas, charcoal, or electric grill. We recommend simply wrapping up a handful of pellets in tin foil or a tuna can and poking a few small holes. Put the tin foil or tuna can directly on the heat source of your grill and you will have great hardwood smoke filling your grill in a matter of minutes. (if using gas put it on the flame source, if using charcoal but it right on the briquettes)

  • How are hardwood pellets made?

    Like softwood pellets that are made for fuel stoves, hardwood pellets are made from taking residual hardwood in the form of sawdust or chunks and compressing it into pellet form. The manufacturing of pellets is a natural process, meaning that the residual materials naturally bind together under pressure as pellets without the need for additives or glues of any kind.

  • Can I use any kind of pellets, including fuel pellets, in my pellet grill?

    The simple answer to this question is; you can run your pellet grill on normal wood pellets, but you shouldn't. Normal fuel pellets are made from softwoods like douglas fir and pine, where as BBQ pellets are made from hardwoods such as Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Cherry, etc. that have been used to cook food for centuries. Using these hardwood forms of pellets provide powerful smoke flavor and precision cooking temperatures that you just can't get with softwood pellets, and isn't that what pellet grilling is all about?

  • Are BBQ pellets 100% hardwood?

    Yes, all high quality BBQ pellets are made from 100% hardwood. Avoid using any BBQ pellets made from anything other than pure premium hardwood.

  • I've heard your pellets are made with a base flavor, what does that mean?

    When BBQ pellet companies refer to a 'base' in their pellets, they are taking about the stable hardwood substance of their pellet. Most companies either use oak or alder as their base, we like to use alder. All of our flavors of pellets have a 75% alder base, with the other 25% being the main flavored hardwood. For example, our hickory pellets are 75% alder 25% hickory, our mesquite pellets are 75% alder 25% mesquite, and so on.

  • Why do you make your pellets with a base? Do any companies offer pellet with no base, a 100% hickory pellet for example?

    We use a base simply because we believe it tastes better. While taste is not an exact science, through our experience we have found that not using a base leaves you with pellets that create a smoke that is too pungent and overpowers the natural taste of your food. We pride ourselves on offering consistent, well balanced BBQ pellets in every bag. While most BBQ pellet manufactures also use a base, there are a handful of options on the market for those who want to try pellets without a base. If you are curious we suggest you try them, but we think you'll agree that our pellets offer the best overall taste at the best price.

  • Does it matter what flavor of pellet I use?

    Again, it is worth repeating that taste is not an exact science. But, with that said, different flavors of hardwood naturally lend themselves to certain types of meat. To find out which of our flavors work best with red meat, chicken, and fish, click here.